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Tieschen App Privacy Policy



7reasons Medien GmbH
Seefeldgasse 72
3462 Absdorf

What information do we collect?

Location Data
This information is used to display your position on the map of the surrounding area of Tieschen. The data is only used in real time, none of it is saved, transferred or shared.  

Camera Data
Used to scan image targets to accuratley position you in Virtual Reality. None of these images are saved, transfered or shared.

How do we use the information?

The information is only used locally on the device to determine its position while the app is open and is not transferred or saved in any way.  

What information do we share?

The information discussed above is never shared. The application is built with the framework Unity3D which collects anonymous userdata to build global hardware statistics. Here an excerpt of their privacy policy:

"Unity has probably collected some or all of the following information about your device: unique device identifiers (e.g., IDFV for iOS devices and Android ID for Android devices) ); IP address; country of install (mapped from IP address); device manufacturer and model platform type (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, etc.) and the operating system and version running on your system or device; language; CPU information such as model, the number of CPUs present, frequency, and instruction set support flags; the graphics card type and vendor name; graphics card driver name and version (example: "nv4disp.dll"); which graphics API is in use (example: "OpenGL 2.1" or "Direct3D 9.0c"); amount of system and video RAM present; current screen resolution; version of the Unity Editor used to create the  game; sensor flags (e.g., device support for gyroscope, touch pressure or accelerometer); application or bundle identification ("app ID") of the game installed; unique advertising identifiers provided for iOS and Android devices (e.g., IDFA or Android Ad ID); and a checksum of all the data that gets sent to verify that it did transmit correctly."